7 Steps to your Dream Job


Saturday 30 January 2021


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Not looking forward to going to work again tomorrow? Do you dream of working in a job that you’d be jumping out of bed to go to?

Most people I meet are frustrated that their job isn’t going anywhere, or their manager doesn’t appreciate them or see the value they bring. Maybe you have outgrown your role a long time ago, but just not done anything about it. What if your next step is your bosses role and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon?

Worse still, you might be working in a toxic culture and are desperate to get out!
I have spent over 20 years listening to people just like you tell me what they really want to be doing, but few people are clear on how to get there, or how to get there quickly!

I have a 7 Steps to get you moving towards your dream job.

This three-hour webinar will absolutely help you out how to get your career on track, and on the road to your dream job.

Tickets are only $249.


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7 Steps to your Dream Job